Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Back From Exams, and Back To Working on the Server

We Are Back!

Once again we are working to get the server fully operational :)

Exams have finished and now we can finally get serious with the server. Tonight is a testing night, we are working at getting Centos and McMyAdmin to work together. Due to the design of the software MyMcAdmin we needed to run a 64bit java to use all the ram installed due to a limitation in java. this also meant reverting back to the 64bit version of CentOS again. Since we knew that Sun java had issues, we decided to try IBM java.

The test are being run in a Virtual Box on Kienan's main desktop. Tonight we finished the tests and are reinstalling the 64bit Centos. The system is now running with IBM Java instead of Sun Java.

Why exactly did we flip-flop on the choice of 32 versus 64 bit operating systems? Partially because we wanted to use the more recommended Sun java which only worked properly with the 32 bit version of the OS we are using, but 32bit java only allows for 2gb of ram to be used - even though our linux OS could see all 16gb of ram. In the end we switched over to IBM java (64 bit) and a 64bit version of CentOS once again (the 32bit version of IBM java still has the 2gb ram limit on 32bit machines) - which turned out to be a better choice since the IBM version of java actually runs McMyAdmin much faster and much more reliably than the standard Sun java.

UPDATE: as of now the server is in testing and stress testing stages, and fully installed. you can log in to help us stress test the server by logging in at vellak.homelinux.org on the standard minecraft ports. there is a limit of 100 users at the moment - which should be more than sufficient to stress test for the intended environment.

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